Hello, I am an independently published author and I have just made my first $2,000 dollars off my short story collection “The Soft Landing Collection.”

Check it out on Amazon! It’s very good.

I’ve sold around 265 copies since I released it in winter. I’ve been getting a decent number of sales each month, and am probably going to launch another marketing campaign soon. That being said, I am relatively new to the IndpiePub scene and recently ended up looking for feedback on my Amazon listing. Someone was offering to do just that on Twitter and it seemed like fun.

I expected to get critique for my story…

Let’s talk about “good.” Good is a very vast and complex question that we apply to many things. It’s something we ask ourselves about the world and about ourselves and to the cashier at Taco Bell as they give us a five hundred yard stare that says they don’t care. Is the crunch wrap supreme good? Are fast food restaurants good? Is the concept of convenience good? Are we good?

Ma’am, this is a McDonalds.

Good is a whole moral debate onto itself, it’s arbitrary, it’s blurry, it’s an entire universe with no end. Logically, I think we all understand that “good” is a moving…

You’ve heard it from parents and guardians over and over again: You’re just doing that to get attention!

Whether it’s cutting off your own hair, trying out a completely black wardrobe, or posting “tell me I’m pretty” over and over again on the internet.

Me, every morning to the demon that lives in my mirror.

People often condemn acts that are outlandish for the sake of getting recognition.

But here’s the dirty little secret a hell of a lot of therapy has taught me: Everyone. Needs. Attention. It’s human.

This might be especially true during times of social distancing where we are ostracized from support systems of friends and family and…

I have had several people that love storytelling tell me “I have so many outlines, but when it comes to actually writing them, I can’t seem to do it!” This is a dilemma for creatives who want to move onto the next stages of their projects and pump out some drafts.

Actual writing is very hard, but like any skill it can be built up and improved on. Here are some tips for turning your outlines into chapters!

  1. Give yourself a set time to let it sit

After you finished outlining your story the problem might not be that you…

There’s a lot of things that draw readers into a story: a swan dive into a good plot, a compelling author’s voice, whether or not Tom Hanks is starring in it.

Recover soon, sweet prince

But one thing you can do in order to get readers to care about the plot and setting and all the other details is to have likable characters right off the bat. The readers have to care about the people in your story before they care about anything else in it.

So, how do you quickly characterize your protagonists without bogging your reader down with too many “establishing shots”…

Don’t enter the goddamn door! That’s where the killer is you silly, silly ridiculous fool! Everyone knows the scene in movies where the spooky music starts wailing with screechy violins or Gregorian chanting or children rhymes.

Lemonade, lemonade… around the corner… fudge is made.

That’s the scene that has viewers on the edge of their seat, yelling at the screen, losing their minds, completely invested. It’s the part that keeps people coming back for more.

However, with writing building tension is a whole other ballgame since we don’t have the heart pounding music or dark lighting to add. …

I work in a bookstore and I will tell you right now that a compelling title is one of the big keys to getting a book off a shelf. Cover art, author name, reviews, and word of mouth are all important too, but a good title is a selling point for a lot of unheard of authors.

Customers are overwhelmed with titles left and right at stores all vying for their attention, and the books with the best titles will usually be the ones that end up in their hands. …

Happy New Year! It’s nine days into 2020 and I have already been rejected by two literary magazines and none of my stories have been accepted anywhere. Since I have been rejected I have sent off five more stories to various paying markets for poetry and fiction. And I might be rejected by those ones too!

Let’s talk about failure. Let’s talk about coming up short. Let’s talk about all the little pricks to our egos that can lay us flat on the floor sobbing into the carpet.

We’re only human and some of our base instincts are: avoid things…

Everyone loves a good blend of fantasy and modern day life, here is a list of 15 prompts to get your creative juices flowing.

  1. The pollution in your hero’s city is getting really bad and there starts to be reports of creatures in the smog that are not happy with the factories. Your hero goes to investigate.
  2. An elf has been friends with a human for their entire life and goes to a nursing home to visit them for one last time. Describe their conversation and how the elf feels watching the humans life pass by so quickly.
  3. A Times…

There is one key piece of advice that I read over and over again on lists of “writing tips,” from huge authors like Stephen King to small-frys who do it as a hobby. It’s always the same: you need to write everyday.

And in theory, that doesn’t sound too hard. I just jam my little finger nubs to the keyboard and watch words appear from the small wizard that lives in my computer.

I have a humanities degree so most of science is like this for me.

UNFORTUNATELY, the little wizard man does not live in my brain to magic words there too, and some days I would rather eat every single one of…

Jacquelynn Lyon

I am a novel editor working for the company of Dot and Dash, LLC. I also have a published book out now! https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08GY1S1CD?ref_=pe_3052080_276

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